LUNAWOOD THERMOWOOD is a beautiful, sustainable wood material produced by using natural methods, heat and steam using Scandinavian Pine. Thermal modification improves the wood’s properties, thereby expanding the range of applications in which the wood can be used. Thermowood is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and resin free. It can be used inside or outdoors, in any climate.  Lunawood is a non-toxic natural product free from chemical additives which is easy to machine and install. Lunawood is available in Australia in Juan Decking, UTS Cladding, Dressed Boards  and Shade Battens

Polkky Glulam

POLKKY GLULAM is a range of Nordic Redwood posts and beams that are chemically treated and stained to match with LUNAWOOD.

Polkky posts are graded GL8 and ACQ treated to UC4 suitable for in ground contact. Polkky beams are graded GL10 and ACQ treated UC3 suitable for above ground use.